Canberra Tour

Situated in the northern end of the Australian Capital Territory is Canberra, which became Australia’s Capital City in 1908. It’s located south of Sydney and north of Melbourne. The beautiful design of this city came about as the result of an international competition held over a century ago, in 1911. American architect Walter Burley Griffin won that competition and Canberra, and all her wonder, was born. The centre piece of Canberra is the man-made lake, Lake Burley Griffin, around which many of the capital’s important buildings are built. Take a Canberra Tour to these incredible buildings and travel to the summit of Mt Ainslie for amazing views of Canberra and the surrounds.

The Australian War Memorial Canberra Tour

Canberra TourThe Australian War Memorial and accompanying museum opened in Canberra in 1941. Come and wind along the long walkway that spans the length of the courtyard-like area of this significant memorial to Australia’s armed forces. View the breathtaking shrine, and take a stroll through the sculpture garden located on the west lawn of the memorial, and see the Hall of Memory.

This dome-covered chapel is shaped like an octagon, and the walls are covered with tiny mosaic tiles all the way up to the dome. Here is also where you’ll find the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier. This is certainly one of the most well-known buildings that make up the architectural skyline of Canberra.

Private Canberra Tour of Parliament House

Another spectacular building that makes its home in Canberra is Australia’s Parliament House. The Parliament House officially opened in 1988, and was once the most expensive building in the world, costing an estimated $1.1 billion to build.

This building mirrors the magnificence of the National Museum of Australia and has 4,700 rooms within its walls. The main foyer houses a marble staircase, and there is a striking and large tapestry hanging on the wall of the Great Hall. Many of the rooms are open to the public so come take a tour of this historical building. Better yet, take a private tour through this magnificent building.

National Museum of Australia Canberra Tour

Canberra is host to the National Museum of Australia which goes against traditional architecture. This remarkable building is home to a tapestry of colours including orange, bronze, gold, crimson, brushed silver, and black. The most visible detail of this building, however, is the gigantic sculptural loop at the museum’s entrance in Canberra. Tour this museum, and learn about the indigenous history and cultures of the European settlers and how they interacted with the environment around them.

View various collections that touch on things like the clothing they wore, industry, sports, and key landmark events. Browse through the museum’s shop for gifts, jewellery and books on everything from Australian humor and history to aboriginal art and books for children.

Aside from a wonderful Canberra tour, there are heaps of places to visit in Canberra. Lake Burley Griffin is very popular with an array of water sports such as canoeing, swimming, paddle boating, and sailing.

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From Kerry at Aussie Tour.

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